Drinking Tea With Fruits Can Damage Your Teeth, What Should We Do to Prevent?

A glass of tea is a favorite drink of many people after eating. Tea, both warm and cold brewed, can indeed make our mood better.

In addition, the tea content and antioxidants also offer various health benefits for your body. Unlike coffee, everyone can drink tea and enjoy the delicious taste.

Be careful when you drink tea and fruit
Tea can indeed be combined with a variety of ingredients, among others, tea drinks combined with fruits, milk tea, ice tea, some are also combined with traditional spices ingredients.

And what is loved by many people is tea with a mixture of fruits (taste), including fruits that have a sour taste.

But for you guys tea lovers with fruit combinations you may have to go back to old habits, namely tea without using any mixture/combination.

A study at King's College London found that drinking tea with fruit between meals and enjoying it for too long would increase the risk of tooth erosion due to the acid content inside the tea.

The study, published in the British Dental Journal, reviewed at 300 people with severe erosion tooth wear. It is said that the problem is increasing and more when people drink while snacking.

The researchers also stated fruit candy, fruit tea, diet drinks, sugary drinks, and flavored water can cause teeth to thinner.

A glass of tea
Tooth erosion is not the same as tooth decay. Erosion affects the entire tooth surface while tooth decay occurs when the cavity is formed.

Dr. Saoirse O'Toole, from King's College London Dental Institute and principal investigator of the study, said, "If you drink it for a long time, more than five minutes, or play with objects in your mouth or if you bite the fruit for several minutes instead of eating it as whole fruit, these are things that can really damage your teeth," as quoted by BBC (8/3).

Researchers found that people who drink such as water with lemon slices or fruit-flavored tea twice a day between meals for more than 11 times, may experience moderate or even severe erosion of teeth.

Among fruit teas, there are also types that have other high acid levels, including ginger, lemon, and berries.

Here are some drinks that can cause erosion of the teeth:

- alcohol
- fruit tea
- water taste
- diet drinks
- sweet drink

While drinks that are safe for us to consume:

- water
- tea
- coffee
- milk
- sparkling water

Note that you can still drink your favorite fruit tea, but it's better not to consume it excessively.

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