6 Smart Tips To Prevent Weight Gain After Long Holiday

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Holiday is almost over, or maybe in some part of the world already over. After Christmas holiday and New Year Eve, I'm sure you had eaten a lot of delicious food, but wait, let's calculate something that you don't consider. Maybe you forget to control what you eat when you are on holiday so you may get drastic weight gain.

Holiday is the time when so many calories haunt each of our movements (pastries, coconut milk dishes, chocolate, sweet drinks etc). Then you are surprised by a pound or two of weight extra when the holiday is over.

Maybe you think there is no harm or danger if your weight rises a pound or two pounds while on vacation. However, according to the National Institute of Health, reported by WebMD, most people never lose the extra weight they get on vacation. From one pound, two pounds, and continues to increase throughout the vacation time for years without knowing it.

You can enjoy your holiday without panic, if you are still on holiday I have some important tips that I want to share with you about how to prevent weight gain when you are on a long holiday.

1. Keep moving 
You have to keep moving even you are not doing any kind of sports. Food is not always your main enemy; sometimes the problem is the lack of activity. Do not make a long holiday as the reason for you to continue to relax in front of the TV. Exercising in the morning can trigger good behavior throughout the day, according to a study in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

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A study revealed that women who exercise in the morning will not only move more throughout the rest of the day but also provide a more minimal response to tempting food images, when compared to women who do not exercise in the morning.

Even light exercise, even for 15 minutes, can maintain your fitness level. If you really don't want to bother going to the gym, do a 15-minute jump rope or light yoga at home to keep you flexible.

Move not just by exercising. Use your holiday schedule to go back and forth to the shopping center to buy delivery gifts, or visit your neighbor, family, or friends to stay in touch.

2. Don't come to parties when you are starving
Don't come to parties when you are starving, yes this is my tips and I am not joking. Skipping breakfast or lunch in order to taste all kinds of food is not a strategy to maintain a good weight. 

You can try to eat breakfast or lunch before with enough portions, but it is rich in protein that can keep you full longer and suppress the urge to eat big later. Or, you can eat nutritious snacks, such as peanut butter sandwiches or fruit and vegetable salads, before reaching the destination.

If you do come to your destination when you are hungry, drink a glass of cold water to fill your stomach before you start exploring the menu at the dinner table.

3. Use a small plate
Holiday sometimes famous with buffet-style treats, where a variety of side dishes are served warm on the table.

Choose the simplest foods, such as fruit and vegetable menus. In addition, avoid bad fats, such as fried foods and coconut milk. Fat is indeed needed for the body to supply energy and absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K, but if it is too much is not good.

If possible, take a small plate instead of a standard dinner plate to accommodate your food. Small dishes generally require smaller portions, and can really make you feel full with just a little food.

4. Chew slowly
Eating slowly may not be an easy thing when we are treated to a variety of tempting dishes. But, chewing slowly will give your body time to digest and make it easier for you to know when to stop.

When we chew food too fast, the more air will come to swallow, the more your stomach becomes bulging.

5. Wait a moment!
As mentioned above, the faster we eat, the less time we give to the body to realize when we are really full. The brain takes 20 minutes to begin processing the satiety signal, so before making sure you really need a second portion or not, use the time after eating to walk for a while or chit chat with friends or relatives. If you are still hungry, there is no prohibition for second-half meals.

6. Control yourself from temptation
Search the dining table when choosing your meal to avoid picking food that you really don't want. 

Responding to cravings is a smart step to controlling your appetite, rather than controlling it all together - which can actually lead you to another problem (read: binge eating). So if you want chicken, just take it! But remember, enough portions.

Also, don't go back and forth in front of the dining table or living room if you know these places are prone to tempting food and snacks. Keep away from the temptation to hold back the hunger of the eye, not the actual hunger.

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