Yellow Banana Vs Green Banana, Which One is Healthier For You?

Are you banana lover? of course, we are familiar with the name of banana fruit. This fruit is very good for your health with a good taste and high nutritional content. Therefore, bananas are become favorite fruit for some people. 

Some people like to eat yellow bananas, but do you realize that a few people also like to eat green bananas.

So, which one is healthier? Bananas that have turned yellow or the one which are still green?

Benefits of Eating Yellow Banana Fruit
green and yellow banana fruit, all of them good and yummy.
As we know, bananas that have turned into yellow and have some black spots indicate that the banana is ripe. Mature bananas contain various nutrients needed by the body, such as water, sugar, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Moreover, ripe bananas usually have a good taste because they have a sweet taste.

As bananas become mature, black spots will appear on the banana peel. Does the black spot on a banana mean that the banana is rotten and can't be eaten? Of course not, black spots on bananas show the maturity level of the banana.

Although there is not much scientific evidence found, it is believed that the more black spots on bananas, the greater of the anticancer ability inside the banana.

The banana content that has an anticancer effect is Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha. In addition, the sugar content of mature bananas is easier to digest compared to the sugar content of immature bananas.

Benefits of Eating Green Bananas
Don't get me wrong, even though many people like to eat yellow banana, green banana also also have their own benefits.

Green bananas have benefits in the starch content. In addition, eating green bananas also can increase your blood sugar level that is not as much as when you eat a ripe banana.

The starch content of green bananas is good for your health. The starch will be absorbed and digested in the body, then it will be fermented by large intestinal bacteria and can be a source of energy.

The benefit of starch in green bananas is that starch, unlike most other carbohydrates, cannot cause a significant increase in blood sugar. It makes green bananas good to be consumed for diabetics, who must keep their blood sugar levels under control.

So, Which one is your favorite? Yellow banana or green banana? Both of them have their own contents which are good for the health of the body. Even you can eat both of them in the same time ;-) 

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