7 Ways To Shrink Large Pores Effectively And Look Smaller

Have you ever wished your pores were not visible? I'm sure your answer is YES. Now you are in the right way to find the answer, then I will provide you with a resume about 7 Ways To Shrink Large Pores Effectively And Look Smaller.

Large pores, black spots on the nose, chin, and forehead are very disturbing. Various ways to shrink pores are done by many people of various ages to get a clean and smooth face.

Pores can be removed effectively by doing these 7 tips
In fact, the pores cannot be completely removed because we still need pores to balance the body's overall functions. Dirt that you find is clogged pores, it is the body's natural reaction to remove toxins from your body.

However, do not allow the old pores to clog up in your face and then cause spots on the face. No effort is needed to drain energy and wallet, here are 7 Ways To Shrink Large Pores Effectively And Look Smaller.

Various ways to shrink facial pores

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is the main key to a facial treatment to ward off all kinds of skin problems, including large pores. When choosing exfoliator products, try to find products with a texture like sand and soft granules. This type of product can reach pores and reduce oil so that the pores will not grow or blacken. The use of soft products on the skin can remove dead skin cells and dirt.

Although exfoliation is good for dealing with skin problems, this method should not be done every day. Just one to two times a week or just a few times in a month.

2. Store skin care products in the refrigerator

Cold temperatures can cause your body to constrict. Don't be panic first. Shrinking of the skin is caused by constricted blood vessels, so the size of your pores also shrinks. Well, you can store liquid moisturizing and makeup products in the refrigerator to keep the sensation of cold on your face longer.

3. Let the pores breathe

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Regular use of soap, moisturizer, and foundation on your skin will leave even more oil residue, causing the pores to become more inflamed and enlarged. Try not to use makeup while relaxing on weekends or when you are at home all day long.

Removing makeup is not only done every night with a facial cleanser. You also have to wash your face first before exercising so that the rest of the day's makeup does not clog the pores when the body sweats. Providing the opportunity for the pores to breathe without being blocked by a foundation or moisturizing cream will help the skin remove dirt naturally.

4. Use sunscreen

Exposure to UVA and UVB radiation from the sun will cause skin damage, which not only increases the risk of long-term cancer and wrinkles, but also dries the skin and makes your pores look bigger. The use of sunscreen at least 15 minutes before moving outdoors can help prevent the risk of damage. Choose sunscreen products with SPF of at least 30.

5. Choose the right cleanser

gel cleanser to remove pores
If you have large pores and oily skin, try to find gel-based facial cleansers. While if you have a normal skin type that tends to dry, you can use a cream cleanser.

No matter what type of skin you have, avoid cleaners that contain soap or scrubs. Because the two ingredients actually make your pores look bigger and bigger.

6. Remove your makeup before sleep

Are you one of the people who are lazy to clean makeup and choose to quickly sleep after a day of activities? Sleeping with makeup that has not been cleaned can accumulate dirt, oil, and bacteria, causing your pores to become clogged. This sooner will make your pores look bigger in the morning when you wake up.

Therefore, it is very important to always wash your face and clean your makeup until it is completely clean, no matter how tired you are after a day of activities.

7. Consult to dermatologist

If the various treatments mentioned above do not really help you to shrink your pores, consult to a dermatologist is the best solution. Skin specialists can recommend certain procedures to help you deal with large pores, such as microneedling and lasers.

If your acne causes enlarged pores, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics or retinoid drugs to help cleanse your skin.

Ok that's all about my tips in cleansing your pores, you can try this 7 Ways To Shrink Large Pores Effectively And Look Smaller in your home. Good luck!

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