5 Best Tips To Keep Health Before Christmas Coming

Christmas is almost coming. All plans to meet your beloved family and friends in Christmas Night are certainly can not be missed. From long time ago, maybe you had already planned it well. But too focused on the Christmas celebration makes you sometimes ignore the health of your body. 

And also the delicious dishes during the party, it can make you forget to eat the whole dishes, so this often make your body's immunity decreases. In order to keep your body stays healthy, the following tips can be very useful for you before you have the party. Take a look some tips from the Nutritional therapist, Kerry Torrens. Let's see 5 Best Tips To Keep Health Before Christmas Coming!


breakfast will keep you stay health
Generally Christmas parties are held at night. So you can't miss breakfast. Kerry Torrens says a bowl of oatmeal with a mixture of bananas and berries is the right menu for you. Oatmeal stabilizes blood sugar levels and helps to control your appetite. To help improve immunity and overcome some of the effects of the party, Kerry suggested adding a spoonful of probiotic yogurt.


don't forget to drink water

Maintaining body fluids before the Christmas party is very important. You can consume 6-8 glasses of water. Also choose herbal teas and fruit juices that will keep your body stay away from dehydration. 

Meanwhile, the caffeinated drinks you consume should not be calculated to eliminate dehydration. Coffee is not able to meet body fluids. So make sure you drink enough water before going through a long night at Christmas.


When attending a Christmas party, make sure you only choose the foods you need. Small portions of food and fruit juice can be an option. Keep your distance from alcoholic drinks. Alcohol only supplies empty calories and makes you lose valuable nutrients. So choose only good dishes, such as salads and canapes.


If you are celebrating Christmas at your own residence, it might be very easy for you to keep up with your exercise routine. But what about celebrating Christmas outside the city or abroad? Even though it is difficult, of course this must be taken in between preparing for the Christmas celebration. 

Carrying sports equipment such as clothes and shoes shows seriousness in yourself if exercise is very important and should not be missed.


Christmas is celebrated in December in Indonesia, of course, it must be in the rainy season. That season makes you susceptible to diseases, such as flu, fever and diarrhea. 

In addition to meeting balanced nutritional needs, you should always wash your hands regularly and make sure your body's immunity is maintained. If you need to consume vitamins to maintain immunity, you can consult with the doctor.

Keep doing these '5 Best Tips To Keep Health Before Christmas Coming' tips before Christmas is coming. Christmas is nothing if you are sick, so enjoy your life and keep doing healthy activities.

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