Top 5 Tips To Avoid Flu And Cough During Cold Season

Flu and cough are common problems when we face winter season. These two diseases can occur together because the extra mucus produced by the lungs has gone up to the throat.

Don't let the flu and cough disrupt your activities. Let’s protect yourself during this changing season so you don't get sick!

How to defend yourself from flu and cough?

Flu and cough are combinations of diseases that usually caused by virus infections.

These two diseases can ruin your day, your voice may disrupt and you can’t breathe well. I had my bad experience when I got flu and cough. All of my agenda was canceled due to I lost my voice, and I don’t want this happen to you guys. So, to prevent this, here's what you can do from now on.

1. Always wash your hands with soap

Our hands are home for germs and bacteria that cause disease. At least there are approximately 5,000 bacteria that live on the surface of our hands at all times. Well, that's why we get sick easily when we rarely wash our hands.

Hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent transmission of flu and cough. But the method is, of course, you can't just wash using water. You need to know how to wash your hands properly, namely by rubbing your hands with soap for 20 seconds. Rub between the nails and knuckles and rinse thoroughly with running water. In the last, dry well your hand and you are ready to eat your food.

If you don't have time to wash your hands or don't have a source of clean water, you can use a hand sanitizer. Always prepare this light cleaner in your bag when you are going anywhere.

2. Eat healthy food and drink lots of water

Maintaining a regular meal time can help the body improve the immune system to fight the flu virus.

Complete your daily nutritional needs with nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamin C, zinc, protein, and probiotics from healthy food sources. For example: fish, oranges, eggs, yogurt, milk, and others.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to meet your body’s fluid needs so it doesn’t dehydrate.

3. Get enough rest

You may do tons of activities, but don’t force your body without rest at all. In addition, this will lead you stressful, and also unlimited activity will make you lack of sleep time.

These two combinations can make you sick easily. Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of rest. Make sure you get enough sleep every night because getting enough sleep will help the body recharge stamina for the next day. This means that you can be more immune to various diseases.

4. Exercise well

As Quoted from WebMD, the American Council on Exercise states that regular exercise can help you to prevent from various disease risks through many unexpected ways.

Exercise helps you sleep better, increases metabolism, and improves mood so that it ultimately increases the body's stamina. A study from the University of Utah shows that just one minute of exercise every day can have a real positive impact on your life.

There are many light sports that you can choose if you want to start trying to live healthier lives, such as jogging or walking. The more routine you exercise, the greater the benefits you will get.

5. Minimize the contact with sick people

If there are friends or family members at home who are sick, it's a good idea to limit direct interaction with that person. You can ask the sick person to rest first until his condition recovers and wears a temporary mask.

You also advice not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands and immediately wash it if you have to take care of someone who has the flu.

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