Stop Thinking That E-Cigarette is Safer, Read The Facts You Have to Consider!

Cigarette smoking or better known as vaping can damage the cells of the immune system and is very likely to be more dangerous than originally thought, said a study.

In a study led by Professor David Thickett from the University of Birmingham, the researchers made a device that mimicked someone who was smoking electric cigarettes involving samples of organs from eight non-smokers.

The researchers then found that cigarette smoke causes swelling and damages the activity of alveolar macrophages - cells that have the potential to fight dust particles, bacteria and allergens.

As published in the scientific journal Thorax, scientists say this condition is similar to that seen in regular smokers and people with chronic lung disease.

However, the researchers warn that these results are obtained in the laboratory and suggest further research to understand the impact on health in the long term.

'Much safer'
Previously, according to an independent review of e-cigarettes published in Public Health England in February, there was "much evidence" that e-cigarettes were safer than regular tobacco cigarettes and "the risk is very small for those around".

Public Health England also recommends electric cigarettes should be prescribed given how successful they are in helping smokers to quit smoking.

However, Professor Thickett believes that electric cigarettes may be dangerous in the long run, considering that research on e-cigarettes is still at an early stage.

"In the context of the molecular causes of cancer in cigarette smoke, it is clear that the number of carcinogens is reduced in e-cigarettes.

"(Electric cigarettes) is safer in the context of cancer risk. But whether if you use vape for 20 or years can cause lung disease, that's something we have to know.

"I don't believe that e-cigarettes are more dangerous than ordinary cigarettes, but we must have skepticism that e-cigarettes are safer."

Martin Dockrell, the tobacco surveillance official at Public Health England, said; "Electronic cigarettes are not 100% risk-free, but they are clearly more harmless than regular smoking."

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