Simple tips to reduce stomach circumference using simple ingredients

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Have you ever imagined that you want to have a slim body and ideal body weight? of course, the ideal body and flat stomach is certainly a dream of many people.

Moreover, especially for women, the topic of "slim" can certainly be a topic of conversation among women. You also have to know, by having an ideal body weight, you are one step to reduce the risk of being attacked by various health problems.

Your ideal body will also greatly affect your appearance. So, many of the women and men don't even hesitate to spend various kinds of drugs or potions to have a slim and ideal body.


However, you should not be tempted by your friend in a practical way to be slim, for example by fast liposuction or surgery. In our opinion, this method is very extreme and certainly has side effects which are certainly dangerous for the body.

Well for that, this time I will share some tips to remove fat in the abdomen by natural means. Fat in the stomach usually contains visceral fat which is harmful to the body and covers the internal organs of the stomach.

From this fat, we can be attacked by various types of diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and so on. If you routinely consume the following ingredients, God willing, fat will be reduced over time.

In the source that I read on the doctor's blog, there are even those who say that the fat in the stomach of the person applying this herb is gone up to 3 kilograms!

Now I will share the ingredients:

- Prepare 1/2 lemon (just take the water)

- 2 cm of ginger

- 1 cup of boiled water

- Mix all the ingredients above

- Then drink 1 time a day on a regular basis, then the fat in the abdomen can disappear up to 3 kilos with only 5 drinks or 5 days.

- Drink the mixture in the morning when the stomach is still empty

Well, for taste if you are a sweet lover, you can add a little honey in the concoction. do not forget always exercise, with exercise in the stomach fat will also burn perfectly. Such is the natural way to get rid of belly fat quickly.

If you have tried and succeeded in reducing fat, you can share your story in this comment below, we will publish immediately if there is an interesting story.

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