Liposuction Surgery: The Price You Have to Pay And Side Effect You Need to Consider

Having chubby cheeks makes some people feel less confident. To make it look more perfect, many people choose to conduct cheek liposuction surgery.

However, most of you may not fully understand how this procedure actually works and what are the risks. In order not to be mistaken, I will review some things about cheek liposuction surgery that are important to know.

Actually, what is the purpose of cheek liposuction surgery?

before and after liposuction surgery

In medical terms, liposuction surgery which is usually done in the face area is usually called facial liposuction. This action aims to reduce excess fat or irritation, including on the cheeks.

Usually, doctors use a special tube-shaped device called a cannula with a blunt tip. Later, this cannula is used to suck and hold your facial fat.

However, even though liposuction is included in surgery, you will not be totally sedated. Local anesthesia in the area to be worked on is enough to help relieve the pain. So indeed, when the procedure takes place you are fully conscious.

Cheek liposuction surgery requirements

Doing cheek liposuction procedures cannot be arbitrary, there are several conditions that need to be fulfilled. Among of them are:

1. Be over 17 years old
Everyone who wants to do certain beauty procedures must be over 17 years old. Because, at this age, patients are considered able to determine their own choices and are responsible for the choices they have made. So, the procedure of beauty is carried out on the basis of his own desires - not coercion from the environment or other people.

2. An adequate amount of fat
Liposuction surgery cannot be done carelessly. The doctor will see if the amount of fat you have is enough for this procedure. If it's too little, then this action can't be done but can use another alternative, namely by lipolysis injection.

3. In healthy condition
Before doing this procedure, you must be in a good health. In addition, your doctor will also make sure that you have no blood clotting abnormalities or that you have an active infection either in certain body parts or that have spread throughout the body.

Side Effects of Cheek Liposuction Procedure
The Question That Should Be Known Before Plastic Surgery

Side effect after the surgery
Before doing this beauty procedure, you need to find out in advance the possible side effects. As for some side effects that may be experienced, namely:

1. Bruises and swelling
Bruises and swelling on the face are the most common side effects that are very reasonable after the procedure. Because the cheek liposuction is an invasive procedure (surgery) that has the possibility to injure the blood vessels in the face.

Being bruised and swollen on the face is very possible. For ordinary people, this condition does look like it's been beaten. However, postoperative bruising is certainly different from bruising due to blows.

2. Damage to nerve tissues in the face
Another problem that can arise from this procedure is damage to nerve tissue in the face. This is because the liposuction procedure involves a device that is inserted into the skin of the face so that it is not impossible when the procedure is done there is nerve tissue affected.

3. Scars
Cheek liposuction surgery can cause facial scars. These scars can appear in the holes where the cannula is used to suck fat on your cheeks.

Cheek liposuction postoperative care

After this operation, the doctor will usually ask you to use a special facial spray. The goal is to reduce postoperative swelling. You also should sleep in a half-sitting position so as not to press the area of the face that has just been sucked up.

In addition, I also encourage you to go on a diet low in salt and high in protein to speed up the recovery process.

How Much the price of cheek liposuction surgery?

If you are interested in doing this procedure, if you are in Indonesia, you need to spend around 20 to 50 million rupiahs (USD 3400). However, all these procedures will be useless if you don't practice a healthy lifestyle afterward.

The reason is, the resilience of liposuction depends on the lifestyle you live in. Therefore, try to apply a diet and a series of other healthy lifestyles such as exercise routinely.

The results of liposuction will not remain if you eat high-fat foods every day and are even lazy to exercise. If it is so, it is not impossible that your cheeks will return to their original size and the money that has been spent becomes useless.

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