Consume These 3 Super Foods, Then Say Goodbye to Your White Hair

Sparkling black hair is a big dream for many people. However, continuing to have black hair is a big challenge for people over the age of 30 years. Yes, as you get older, your hair will turn gray and eventually turn white.

In fact, this condition can occur faster than you thought. How do you prevent gray hair? Come on, let's see the following list of superfoods to help you keep your hair shiny black!

Various types of foods that can prevent gray hair

Most gray hair is indeed considered a sign of aging. But it can also appear faster due to heredity, have autoimmune diseases that damage cell hair dye, or because the body lacks certain vitamins.

Like skin, hair also has a coloring agent called melanin. Well, to restore melanin which is lost or damaged, you can consume various types of food as follows.

1. Foods that are rich in vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps keep the nervous system working normally, it plays a role in the formation of genetic information (RNA and DNA), and produces red blood cells along with folic acid or vitamin B9. When the body lacks this vitamin in large quantities, pernicious anemia can occur.

Every day, teens and adults need around 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B12. While for pregnant women, you will need 0.2 additional micrograms per month.

As we are getting older, the body's ability to absorb vitamin B12 from food will decrease, so the risk of deficiency of this vitamin becomes even greater. Especially if it's 50 years old.

In addition to forming blood cells, foods containing vitamin B12 also have the potential to maintain healthy hair, namely preventing gray hair. You can easily get this vitamin from eggs, organs in chickens and cattle (liver or kidney), or shellfish.

2. Foods with vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 helps vitamin B12 to produce DNA and RNA needed to form red blood cells. In addition, this vitamin is also important for the production of methionine, a fatty acid that is important for maintaining your hair color.

Lack of this vitamin can cause premature graying. So, you can prevent gray hair by eating foods that contain vitamin B9, such as spinach, beans, various types of beans, asparagus, white rice, cereals, and pasta.

3. Foods which contain copper and iron

A study published in the 2012 Biological Trace Element Research journal showed that people who experience premature graying have a low amount of iron and copper in their bodies.

Copper is needed by the body to help the performance of various enzymes in the body. While iron plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells. If you lack these two important minerals, the risk of graying will be greater.

You can get copper in chicken or beef liver, oysters, clams, cashews, hazelnuts, almonds and lentils. While most iron is found in beef, spinach, and lentils.

You need to pay attention to prevent gray hair

In addition to eating recommended foods, you can also get the benefits of supplements with the same ingredients. However, consult your doctor first before you use it.

You need to limit foods that are preserved and contain additional sweeteners. These foods can cause premature aging so the hair becomes gray quickly. Then, you should also stop smoking and stay away from the smoke.

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