Causes of Sex Libido in Women Become High and Not Easy to Feel Satisfied

Generally, many men who are referred to have bigger sex libido. Men are also considered to be part of the brain thinking only about sex, so that the Adam is considered easier to cheat because it is not channeled thoroughly biological desires.

But apparently not, because in addition to healthy men, healthy women who have high testosterone levels have a great interest in masturbating rather than having sex with their partners.

Like a study released in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, as reported by Live Science, Sari van Anders, a neuroendocrinology behavior expert from the University of Michigan, who conducted this study said the findings were unique.

However, this cannot be used as a reference. Because, most studies of sexual desire and hormones use animal subjects, or precisely focus on people who have abnormally low or high testosterone, who come to the hospital to be treated.

"People who have healthy testosterone levels are rarely studied," Sari told Live Science.
Sari herself carried out this study assisted by 196 study participants and distributed questionnaires related to their sex lives, both about having sex with partners and masturbation.

Then Sari found that the desire to have sex and masturbation was different. The desire to have sex comes from a variety of factors, usually because of the many influences that arise from the relationship between women and their partners.

Women's sexual function is affected by testosterone In women, testosterone is produced naturally in the adrenal gland.

In addition to affecting sexual function and aggressiveness, testosterone also affects the growth of fine hair in the genitals, muscle development, fat deposits around the waist, and regulation of brain circuits before a person is born or while still in the womb.

Nigel Barber, Ph.D., who teaches at Birmingham Southern College writes in Psychology Today, generally in women whose sexual desire is very low, when given a small dose of testosterone, their sexual function will be affected.

The findings were obtained through the experiments of Nigel, who used erotic films and played them to a number of women.

This experiment shows that even small amounts of testosterone can increase the sensitivity of the vagina and sexual arousal of women who watch it.

Nigel also said that based on the results of his research, when women have high testosterone sex hormones, women will be more competitive, more risk-taking, and more socially dominant.

What is the biggest influence on sex libido in women can be very high? Dr. Chris Simpson, a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, told the Daily Mail that no one knows whether our behavior and personalities are shaped by our hormones, or just the opposite, our hormones are shaped by our behavior and person.

 However, Dr. Chris said it could be both. "If you are a woman who works in a competitive environment, such as in a bank or business, this woman may be more assertive, competitive, and aggressive, so that her testosterone level will increase," Dr. Chris.

It's the same as having sex. The more often you have sex, the stronger your sexual desire. If you don't have sex, your desire to have sex goes down and you will feel less passionate.
"But women who have high testosterone but who are in an unhappy relationship can actually stop doing sex," Dr. Chris.

Dr. John Moran, an expert in sexual dysfunction from the Holistic Medical Clinic in London, agreed with what Dr. Chris. To understand women's sexual arousal, we need to see it from physical, psychological, social, and relationship factors.

"Not only body parts. There is lust, love, intimacy, then there is also tiredness, busyness, anger, or happiness for a woman, "Dr. Moran.

According to Moran, sometimes giving women an additional testosterone hormone will increase libido.

But if too often, it will even make the woman lose her sexual desire. The effect will be the same as said by Dr. Chris earlier.

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