8 Simple Tips For Having Glowing and Healthy Skin in 2 Months!

I’m sure that everybody wants to have glowing skin. If you have been trying various ways but none have succeeded, maybe these tips are useful for those of you who want to have healthy glowing skin.

Tips for having glowing and healthy skin:

1. Eat lots of fruits which contain high vitamin C

Vitamin C is important to make skin glow and healthy. Vitamin C helps increase collagen production to keep skin tight and prevent wrinkles. Some fruits that are high in vitamin C are oranges, papaya, mango, and guava.

In addition, a study shows that using skin care products that contain vitamin C for 12 weeks can also help reduce wrinkles on the skin, reduce skin damage and increase collagen production.

2. Protect the skin from the sun
If you want to have glowing and healthy skin, don't expose yourself to the sun for too long. Exposure to solar UV radiation can cause dull skin.

Excessive exposure to the ultraviolet light can also give signs of aging faster, which are characterized by wrinkles and fine lines and skin that loosens faster.

Therefore, you have to cover your skin by applying sunscreen or sunscreen which contains a minimum of SPF15 every time you leave the house. Use especially on the face and arms that are vulnerable to exposure to sunlight.

3. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep for 7-8 hours every night helps the body to reproduce collagen again. In addition, a smoother blood flow inside your body while you sleep also helps your skin moist.
Therefore, the quality of your night's sleep is very important for the health of your skin. This also to avoid dark circles under your eyes. That way you will have the glowing skin that you dream of.

4. Exercise regularly

You may hear that exercise is good for your heart health. However, actually exercise is also beneficial for your skin health.

Exercise improves the function of the heart to pump blood throughout the body, including the skin tissues. Skin that receives adequate oxygen and nutritional intake will look healthier, moisturized and brighter.

Sports such as jogging, walking, swimming, hiking, cycling, yoga and dancing are good exercise choices for your skin health. So, keep up your exercise every day.

5. Drink plenty of water
It is important to consume lots of fluids such as water so that your skin is kept moist and soft.

However, you have to avoid drinking alcohol and liquor. Alcohol actually can make the skin dry and rough, so it makes the face look older than you should.

6. Eat only healthy Food

Eating lots of vegetables and fruit can prevent skin damage that can trigger the premature aging process. Skin needs a lot of good nutrition to maintain its shape and function. Vitamin B (biotin), vitamin C, and vitamin E are some of the vitamins that are very good for the skin.

In addition, you need to eat foods that contain high antioxidants to fight free radicals that cause skin aging and increase collagen in the skin.

You can get all these nutrients from healthy foods such as tomatoes, carrots, green vegetables, honey, grapes, avocados, olive oil, honey, and almonds that are rich in vitamin E.

In addition, keep your skin healthy by reducing eating foods that are high in salt, soft drinks and alcohol, and fried foods.

7. Clean the skin
Always keep your skin by washing your face twice a day, morning and night before going to bed, to prevent pores from being clogged with dirt and oil. Choose facial cleansing soap that suits to your skin type. After washing your face, don't forget to use a moisturizer to keep the skin moist at all times.

Other facial cleansing routines will actually depend on each person. You can use a face serum, mask, or anti-aging eye cream. You can also regularly do exfoliation or facial scrubs twice a week to remove dead skin layers.

So, you may choose a routine or product that fits your skin needs and problems.

8. Use moisturizer
Moisturizers are an important condition for you to get the glowing and healthy skin. Always use moisturizer in 2-3 minutes after bathing and washing your face so that moisturizing substance can immediately trap the remaining water that enters the skin.

It is important for you to choose moisturizers according to your skin type. Even if your skin is even oily, you still need to use moisturizer. It's just as simple as like that, of course, you have to choose a moisturizer that is good for oily skin.

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