8 Sensitive Area in Woman You Should Know! (Not just clitoris)

Many people think that the most sensitive parts of a woman only the clitoris or vaginal area. In fact, a study published in the Human Andrology Journal reported that women have far more sensitive zones than men.

Unfortunately, not all these parts are explored well by men during sex activity. If you want to make her happy tonight, you have to learn 8 parts of the body which are the most sensitive in female body parts!

You are right if you think clitoris is one of the most sensitive part in the woman, but which are the most sensitive parts of the body?

Knowing a woman's sensitive zone is very important for men. In addition to arousing sex, stimulating sensitive areas also helps couples easily reach climax.

There are several parts of the body that have the potential to ignite a woman's sex drive if you touch it correctly, because it is filled with so many nerves. What are they?

1. Lips

Almost everyone agrees that lips are the most sensitive body part. Yes, when you chat with your partner on the bed, your lips are definitely used as weapons as well as targets to heat up the atmosphere. You can start from a soft, sensual, and passionate kiss.

2. Cheeks, forehead, and eyelids

In addition to the lips, the area around the face such as cheeks, forehead, and eyelids is also very sensitive when touched and kissed. When the couple is carried away with an intimate atmosphere and begins to close the eyes, give a gentle caress around the cheek, a gentle kiss on the forehead and eyelids. Through touch and kiss, you like sending love signals.

3. Stomach

Just like the cheeks, the stomach can also be a sensitive zone for some women. Giving touches and kisses around the stomach can arouse a partner's desire to make love.

4. Neck and around the collarbone

A kiss from the lips can continue to the neck and collarbone area. However, do this slowly, do not rush. Unfortunately, many of you miss this sensitive area.

5. Ears

When someone whispers something into your ear, there will definitely be a tickling sensation, right? Yes, this applies also when you spoil your partner in bed.

Touches, kisses, and small bites on the ear can warm up before intercourse. The appearance of a tickling sensation in the ear when touched occurs because the ear has a lot of blood flow. You can start it with blowing the air from your mouth, blow it slowly to trigger your partner.

6. Wrist and knee

The ankle and kneecap are the most frequently missed parts of the body. In fact, many women feel a tingling sensation when touched or kissed in this section. So, don’t miss these part of the sensitive area when doing warming up!

7. Calf and soles of the feet

Before you play in the vaginal area, don't forget the calf and also the soles of the feet. Touches and kisses in the area can make the couple move. However, wait a minute. Not all women actually like this tingling sensation.

So, make sure first how you respond when you tease this area. Remember, do this game gently and slowly.

8. Backbone

Most men may focus more on stimulating their partner's breasts, and choose to ignore the back area. Though this area can cause a strong sensation when touched. 

The back is the right area to get a massage to relieve stress so that she becomes more relaxed and relaxed. Such conditions strongly support intimacy and reduce pain during penetration.

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