4 Sensitive Areas Of The Women You Should Not Touch When You Making Love

For married couples, making love or having sex is an important activity to do. Intimate relationships that are carried out routinely are able to make a husband and wife reach orgasm very well, this can make them both happier. This can also make both have physical and psychological health that is increasingly impressive.

But do you know, when having intercourse there are several areas of the body that are very restricted to touch? Indeed, soft touches made by couples can arouse the passion. But, if the touch is not done in the right area, this can actually create discomfort for your wife.

As quoted from India of Times page, here are some areas of the wife's body that a husband should never touch when making love because it can make uncomfortable.

1. Head of the Clitoris
The first area is the head of the clitoris. Compared to other areas, this area is the most sensitive area in the female body. Stimulation of the clitoris can make the wife reach orgasm well. But, if you touch on the clitoris roughly, this will be very painful for your partner.

When a husband reaches the cervix during intercourse, this can make the wife uncomfortable. This is also dangerous for the fetus that might grow in the womb.

3. Hair
Some women will feel very touched and happy when her husband touches her hair gently during intercourse. But, most of the women will feel pain when their hair is touched roughly and pulled by her husband during intercourse.

4. Breast Nipples
When a woman is breastfeeding or is in the period of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), the husband is advised not to touch the nipples. During breastfeeding and PMS, a woman's nipples will be very sensitive and can feel painful to touch.

Those are some areas of the body of your partner that you should not touch while having sex. To get an intimate relationship which very impressive, you have to communicate well what you and your partner want. I hope this information is helpful for you.

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