3 Secret Keys to Keep Sex Satisfying Despite Years of Marriage

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In a relationship with a partner, we need not only loyalty but also we need satisfaction in having sex. Satisfaction in having sex also has a big influence on your romantic intimacy.

But it cannot be denied that sex after a long time of marriage may decrease. This is actually normal, but is there a way to restore the interest in making love so that it can stay like honeymoon time?

Sexual satisfaction after a long time marriage can decrease

Citing from Medical News Today, the study reports that newlyweds can feel increased in sexual satisfaction within 2 days after sex.

Another study found that couples who have sex at least once a week will feel happier than couples who rarely make love. This shows that sex has an important role in maintaining long-standing relationships.

But unfortunately, sex drive can decrease over time. A new study shows that 34% of women and 15% of men who have lived together for more than a year actually feel their sex drive decreases. What is the cause?

Researchers argue that decreasing sex drive can be caused by many things, for instance, because of a lot of activities which drain your energy. Moreover, your age also influences the sex drive. At an older age, the body experiences a decrease in sex hormones, so that sex drive decreases. 

Usually, men experience a decrease in sex drive between the ages of 35 and 44, while women aged 55 to 64 years.

Coupled with the busyness of working and taking care of children who gradually make them tired so that they are no longer excited to connect and have sex. Then, some medical conditions can also reduce the quality of male and female sex, such as depression, vaginal problems, prostate problems, and other disorders.

This problem can trigger the husband or wife trying to cheat from the couple in order to find more satisfaction in sex. That’s why we have to know the best solutions to avoid bad things happen.

Tips for maintaining long-term sexual satisfaction
Although decreased sexual arousal can be an obstacle, you can still maintain satisfaction in relationships. There are many tips you can do, so that your relationship and your partner remain impressed like newlyweds, here are the tips:

1. Good communication
Communication is very important in establishing relationships. If you experience problems, such as not finding the right time to have sex or find it difficult to reach a climax, you should talk directly with your partner.

If you and your partner know the problems faced by each other, then the solution can be obtained and agreed upon together. So the point is, please talk to your partner honestly. Be honest and always build good communication.

2. Keep your feeling like a new couple

Dating is not only for young couples. If you are an old couple, you can still have your quality time with your partner. You have to manage your time wisely to make ‘couple time’, a time when nobody can disturb both of you even your children. Having such quality time with the partner can increase intimacy in relationships.

You can try to find ‘couple time’ during the weekend with your partner. Plan it well, I hope you always feel like a younger couple than before 😊

3. Experiment on the bed!
In order to make your sex hotter more and more, you can try new things on the bed. You can try doing foreplay, using sex toys, or trying a more challenging sex position. This is like an adventure, you have to explore every inch of your couple.

However, remember to talk first with your partner before doing this ‘entertaining’ things. If you have certain health problems, you need to consult first with your doctor about the safe sex position. Please have fun and enjoy your time with your partner!

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